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„Hamlet polski”, Jan Malczewski, 1903, National Museum in Warsaw, public domain

Tu Europeana

More than fifty million digitized books, works of art and films freely accessible at a single website. How can we reuse them? How can we grow them? We're reaching out to a specifically targeted audience of the platform, inviting potential users to take part in a series of informative and educational events.
About Europeana
Focus: education
Focus: digital collection holders
Focus: creative industries

Remikslab | Europeana for education /Lublin

Workshop presenting Europeana’s reuse potential to teachers, educators and publishers of digital educational materials.

During the two-day workshop participants will learn how to use a range of  tools for analog and digital reuse of cultural archival content for education purposes.

The workshop will take place at 21–22 October 2016 in Lublin.