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„The Orchestrator”, a new innovative mobile application

„The Orchestrator” (Orkiestrownik) is a modern guide through the world of classical music in the form of a mobile app. It provides its users with a step-by-step introduction to the world of the orchestra, explores the individual instruments, roles of the musicians and conductor, it also features a sample rehearsal and a performance. All of this in a world-class mobile multimedia application, the first of its kind.

A symphony orchestra is one grand organism—composed of individual musicians and their instruments. How do they find themselves in this immense machine? What role does their specific instrument play? What does the world need oboe players for? What’s the role of the first violinist? What secrets does the orchestra keep? What are the secrets of its members? The answers to all these questions and more can be found within the application.

The virtual orchestra is the essential part of the Orkiestrownik, its core built around a multi-channel recording of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, a widely-known and rousing piece in which all instruments making up an orchestra have a chance to shine. The application allows the users to follow the performance bar after bar, on an interactive score as well as using a diagram or a blinking map of instruments. Users can watch the orchestra play and the conductor direct the performance simultaneously. Isolating a single instrument to hear it and watch the musicians play or wait their turn requires just one click.

Each individual instrument making up a symphonic orchestra is further elaborated upon in text and video resources provided in the app. The application features detailed info cards on 25 instruments—from violin, through trumpet, and up to the harp and drums. In the app, users can watch and listen to Sinfonia Varsovia musicians talk about their work, their passions, the ups and down of being a classically-trained musician. There are separate sections for the conductor, rehearsals, and concert performances. Jerzy Maksymiuk, a pre-eminent Polish conductor, serves as a guide, explaining the role of the conductor, what rehearsals are for, and the structure of the orchestra itself. The application also features an amusing video on proper etiquette that all visitors of the philharmonic are bound by and a repository of recordings with works of world-renowned composers like Beethoven, Bartók, and Dębski.

The app for smartphones and tablets (for Android and IOS) has been available since September 15, 2016 and can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes.


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