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Searching for Hell

A Polish production, the first full-length documentary in the world to be distributed in virtual reality cinemas.

The film Searching for Hell focuses on various images of “hell on earth”: from the deepest borehole in Russia, through an American town called Hell, to the dark recesses of the human soul in Japan. Each of the films was shot by a different artist. What’s interesting – they all filmed them with the intention of distributing their work not in traditional cinemas, but through the virtual theatre app Cineveo.

The app attempts to answer the question “What will cinemas of the future be like?” Thanks to Cineveo, you can enter a virtual movie theatre without leaving your house. After donning the special goggles, the spectator feels like he’s sitting inside a cinema: there are chairs, a screen, and movie posters on the walls. Except that he is the one who chooses what film will be screened.

The movie is part of a broader transmedia project, which also consists of a digital documentary/feature graphic novel, among other things.

Caution: the second part of the film contains scenes that are not suitable for minors.


Searching for hell

Poland, Canada, USA, Japan, 2015
Authors: Paweł Nazaruk, Tomasz Adamski, Darek Barecki, Yuki Nakamura, Gloria Kurnik, James Kenney
Producer: d!film studio
Team: Joaquim Santos, Andy Chow, Anna Piszczkiewicz, Takashi Orikasa, Hiroshi Urushido, Agnieszka Sorycz, Agnieszka Jarosz
URL: searchingforhell.com