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Warsaw Rising 1944

The tale of the defeat and rebirth of Warsaw, which consists of archival photographs, infographics, texts, and excerpts from radio broadcasts and film recordings, arranged on an interactive timeline. Warsaw Rising 1944 received two Webby awards.

The project accompanied an exhibition created in 2014 by the Warsaw Rising Museum at Berlin’s Topography of Terror Documentation Center, but is not merely an appendix, or a tutorial – it’s a standalone piece. In contrast with “interactive tours” which have become popular of late, it is not based on a simulation and doesn’t attempt to mimic a physical exhibition. The exhibits here consist of archival photographs and recordings, and the design of the website itself, along with its user interface, serve as the backdrop.

Warsaw Rising 1944 is one of the first attempts at using interactive storytelling by governmental cultural institutions in Poland, and certainly the first one to be so successful.


Warsaw Rising 1944

Poland, 2015

URL: warsawrising.eu

Courtesy of Warsaw Rising Museum.

Language: Polish / English / German


Concept and content-related supervision: Dr Paweł Ukielski

Project coordinator: Katarzyna Grabowska

Warsaw Rising Museum Team: Ewelina Bajak, dr Dariusz Gawin, Angela Götz-Zyskowski, Jan Ołdakowski, Katarzyna Utracka

Cooperation: Robert Danieluk, Zbigniew Furman, Grzegorz Hanula, Jakub Król, Jan Prosiński, Jan Radziukiewicz, Tomasz Szołtys, Piotr Śliwowski, Michał Wójciuk

Copywriting: Tomasz Stefanek


Kamil Markiewicz – German

Monika Szumowska, Sebastian Dobrzański – English


Creative concept and production: BrightMedia

Art Director: Paweł Rębisz

Production Director: Łukasz Górka

Production Manager: Ewa Przybylak