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Story-Re-Telling | Exhibition

See a selection of projects making use of new, interactive storytelling methods. The exhibition is open from September 25th until October 18th during NInA's opening hours.
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Strangers with Patrick Watson

A five-minute-long film shot in 360 degree technology and presented through virtual reality hardware. Thanks to Samsung Gear VR glasses, we are transported into the artist’s studio and take part in an intimate performance.

The film – although it’s merely a demo showcasing the capabilities of VR technology – was admitted into the biggest American film festivals – SXSW, Tribeca, and Sundance. As another VR author, Thomas Wallner, notes, interest in this demo movie comes from the fact that we are still looking for the best way to use this technology.

“We’re in early experimentation stages. We’re like the Lumière brothers, who shot the arrival of a train. At first films were created merely because someone had a camera that allowed them to record reality. The development of a visual language, which we now call cinema, took several decades.

The biggest challenge facing VR, according to Werner Herzog and his wife Lena, is the fact that it eliminates the interior in favour of the exterior. They believe that VR worlds are filmed like spheres, meaning that the director only has one point of view – that of a spectator who, by definition, becomes the main storytelling agent, always looking outwards. Editing poses another challenge. Classical narratives bend time and space, whereas virtual reality is seamless and cut-free. Time is time, and space is space. Despite these challenges, many creators agree that virtual reality is the future of cinema.


Strangers with Patrick Watson

Canada, 2014
Author: Felix & Paul Studios
Producer: Felix & Paul Studios, Watsonia Productions
Team: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski, Jean-Pascal Beaudoin
URL: felixandpaul.com/projects/strangers