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Story-Re-Telling | Exhibition

See a selection of projects making use of new, interactive storytelling methods. The exhibition is open from September 25th until October 18th during NInA's opening hours.
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Priya's Shakti

The Indian documentarian Ram Devineni, recipient of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, decided to talk about violence directed against women in a graphic novel that used traditional motifs from the Hindu mythology.

The protagonist is Priya, a rape victim, who with the aid of the goddess Parvati finds her shakti, i.e. power, which allows her to take a stand against violence.

The printed graphic novel is supplemented with a layer of augmented reality. After scanning a picture using a mobile app, the reader gains access to additional content – videos, sounds, and images.

The Indian-born director lives in the US, but Priya’s Shakti is a project created for Indians by Indians. It was conceived as a part of a social awareness campaign for Indian schools.

The author on his creative process:

I worked with the company Blippar. They’re the biggest augmented reality company in the world. They have over 20 million users. I sent an e-mail to info@blippar.com. Which is basically like writing one to info@sony.com. I never thought they’d get back to me. Their reply arrived within two hours. They really liked my project. They were just about to open an office in India. They wrote that they’d like to work with me and develop my project. Usually, AR is used in advertising, to sell Coke cans and magazines. No one seems to take the time to use AR in storytelling.

Priya's Shakti

USA, 2014
Author: Ram Devineni
Producer Rattapallax
Team: Ram Devineni, Dan Goldman, Vikas K. Menon, Lina Srivastava
URL: priyashakti.com