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See a selection of projects making use of new, interactive storytelling methods. The exhibition is open from September 25th until October 18th during NInA's opening hours.
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Interactive Haikus

Twelve pieces that form a collection of interactive haikus. They were all created for a competition in which their authors were bound by a set of rules: the poems were to be available internationally, they were to use sound, have no navigation menu, and be no more than one minute long.

Interactive Haikus is a joint project by the French-German Arte TV and NFB Canada, which took on the form of an open competition. Both institutions have been pioneering interactive narrative projects for years. However, most of them require you to be immersed in the story – and are the polar opposite of the quick, immediate interactions usually offered by the Internet.

Due to the rules of the competition, the pieces are dominated not by the written word, but by image, sound, and interaction. They include poetic impressions on the nature of life, such as “Life is Short”, but also short interactions, such as “Speech Contest”, which instead of vying for the spectator’s attention forces them to vie for the attention of others.

The common theme of all the pieces is time and the attention deficit. The oversaturation of content, the lack of time to consume it all, and the audience’s short attention span are some of the biggest challenges facing contemporary media.


Interactive Haikus

Canada, 2015
Producer: National Film Board of Canada, Arte France
Team: Hugues Sweeney, Marie-Pier Gauthier, Martin Viau, Valérie Darveau, Marie-Andrée Bonneau, Dominique Brunet, Caroline Fournier, Angel Carpio, Jenny Thibault, Sergiu Raul Suciu, Nadine Viau, Peter Kallianiotis, Marie-Laure Lesage, Gilles Freissinier, Marianne Levy-Leblond, Alexander Knetig, Claire Aubret, Jérôme Vernet, Emilie Bessard, Léa Jagut, Adrien Carpentier, Alexandre Mouillé, Nicolas Rapp, Nicolas S. Roy, Raed Moussa, Guillaume Tomasi
URL: interactivehaiku.com