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Story-Re-Telling | Exhibition

See a selection of projects making use of new, interactive storytelling methods. The exhibition is open from September 25th until October 18th during NInA's opening hours.
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Cancer of Time

What is a waste of time? Maybe sometimes we should find a moment to do absolutely nothing? Creators from NFB Canada and France Television have taken on the topics of the inability to manage time, the constant rat race, and the pervasiveness of media.

Today, we spend every free moment hunched over a screen. Using the same tools that brought on this addiction to begin with – the phone, the tablet – the authors invite the audience to enter the world of a protagonist suffering from a 21st century civilizational malady, the “cancer of time”.

Cancer of Time is a fable you can play. It combines elements of game and animation, blurring the line between the two genres. The audience helps move the story along using simple interactions. The game is divided into short chapters, which allows one to complete it quickly. But maybe it would be better to pause for a while longer?


The Cancer of Time

Canada, 2014
Author: Dominic Turmel, Ko-op Mode, Jean-François Nadeau, Stéfan Boucher
Producer: National Film Board of Canada, France TV Nouvelles Écritures
URL: canceroftime.com