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Story-Re-Telling | Exhibition

See a selection of projects making use of new, interactive storytelling methods. The exhibition is open from September 25th until October 18th during NInA's opening hours.
Interactive Storytelling
Economy of Attention
Slow Web
Kids Corner

After moving online, traditional media lost the ability to monopolize the attention of the audience. On the Internet, content has to compete not only with content in the same time slot, but also with a billion websites. The question is: is it possible to create longform, high-quality narratives in a world where capturing the attention of the viewer and holding onto it for as long as possible is the ultimate objective?

These are the starting points for Story-Re-Telling, an exhibition focused on issues like the nature of the audiovisual, the narrative, the future of media and narrative methods. The exhibition is an attempt at defining “interactive storytelling,” finding a storytelling formula that would work in an era defined by constant struggle for attention and creating a proper context for focused consumption of longform narratives, an environment free of unnecessary, distracting stimuli. These efforts are further reflected in the three thematic routes for the exhibition: Interactive Storytelling, The Economy of Attention, and The Slow Web.

Interactive Storytelling introduces and explores the subject of new audiovisual forms, The Economy of Attention examines the issues revolving around the permanent deficit of time and the consumers’ inability to maintain focus for extended periods of time, whereas The Slow Web creates a space that facilitates immersion in longform narratives. The three routes will be complemented by a special kids’ corner and an evening presentation of a music video set.


Why an Exhibiton and Not Another Website?

The majority of the projects presented at the exhibition can be found on the Internet where−as noted by new media artist May Abdalla−creating and directing a complete, comprehensive experience is much more difficult than at the cinema or in a gallery. And for the majority of media, reception and consumption of content is shaped and influenced primarily by the context in which it is presented. To quote Abraham Maslow:

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

That’s why we decided to create an exhibition that will allow the attendees to experience the presented projects in a specially arranged environment, much more conducive to focus and attentiveness. We want attendance to become experience.


– Anna Desponds