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School Musicotheque | muzykotekaszkolna.pl

A musical education site launched by NInA to help students explore the world of sound in the most engaging way possible: through creative play and experimentation.

The School Musicotheque enables teachers to make independent, creative and critical selections of educational resources, while the range of multimedia content offered by the site helps students place specific musical phenomena in a broader cultural and historical context, and explore the world of sounds in an innovative way: through play, experimentation and their own senses.

The site offers lessons on reading music for beginners and musical games for younger students, a series of video interviews, a curated database of music, descriptions and presentations of instruments, lesson plans, outlines of each musical era, composer bios, a glossary, and articles for more advanced students. All of this content is available without having to log in, and more material is constantly being added.


Pierwszy film z cyklu Muzykoteki Szkolnej Gra miejska, reż. Piotr Stasik.

Educational events

Practical and theoretical classes conducted by practitioners and theoreticians of music beyond the walls of NInA have become an important part of the School Musicotheque’s activities. Past events include workshops given by the musician and educator Asia Mina (on starting your own band), the composer Sławomir Wojciechowski (on electroacoustic music), the improviser Bartek Kalinka (on noise) and journalist Ewa Szczecińska (on listening to contemporary music). Upcoming activities include musical tours around NInA’s neighborhood and an outdoor location-based game.

The Musicotheque also organized the Muzykotersi social campaign and an event titled Muzobus, involving a musical tour of Poland, with Artur Rojek, Urszula Dudziak and other musicians lending their support as ambassadors.

Comment by Artur Rojek, ambassador of the Muzobus project.

The School Musicotheque is a winner of the Good Design award for best service design. Our competition included such giants as mBank and DHL!

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