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Polonezy | Marcin Masecki

Marcin Masecki’s surprising Polonezy (Polonaises) is a combination of nineteenth-century elegance and classical composition technique with the sound of a village marching band.

The album comprises modernized variations on the Polish folk dance, performed by a ten-piece wind orchestra. As the pianist explains:


The polonaise, a national dance, has largely been forgotten as a form, and is all but dead now. It no longer serves its purpose as a ballroom dance, nor is it music that uplifts the heart. It is mainly encountered today at senior proms and Chopin recitals


The compositions themselves can be described as an intentional combination of several different aesthetics: a third-rate marching band, nineteenth century elegance, and classical composition technique (the first piece is written in the style of a sonato allegro). As a collection of contemporary compositions, the album contains a range of sonic references to the contemporary musical landscape: from surf rock and hip-hop to jazz and samba. Add to that Masecki’s trademark penchant for everything contorted, awkward, and uncomfortable, everything that oscillates between virtue and the lack thereof, sometimes frenetically. Most of the pieces were written in early 2012 during the artist’s month-long stay in Uruguay.

The record is a co-production by the NInA and the label Lado ABC, and was published in partnership with the Rozdroża Center for Intercultural Creative Initiatives.

Première Grande Polonaise from Polonezy by Marcin Masecki

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