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NInA Beta Version Festival | New Wave of TV Series | May 19–22

HBO shows, dark Swedish crime dramas, and new titles fresh from Cannes, plus the premiere of a new series by the duo Strzępka/Demirski, discussion panels, workshops, concerts, and even a parade. For the first time ever in Poland, an event devoted entirely to showcasing the phenomenon of new, quality TV shows in all its facets. May 19–22 at the National Audiovisual Institute.

Thursday | May 19, 2016

18:00–18:45 Official opening of the festival

The festival will be opened by NInA Directory Michał Merczyński and NInA Board member Agnieszka Holland. In a short interview, she will tell us about her work on the sets of The Wire, The Killing, and House of Cards and discuss her own shows: Ekipa [The Crew] and Burning Bush.

18:45–20:30 Showrunners | Documentary (Black Sheep Productions)

Screening of the film Showrunners, the first full-length documentary about creators of American TV series.

20:30–21:45 Artists | Premiere of series by Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski

Friday | May 20, 2016

10:00–11:30 Behind the Scenes of a Revolution | Discussion panel

Moderator: Michał Oleszczyk. Participants: Francesco Capurro (Séries Mania festival), prof. Ian Macdonald (Leeds University), Vincent Lannoo (director of Trepalium), Christian Wikander (producer of The Bridge and Real Humans).

11:45–13:30 Where Have All the Polish TV Series Gone? | Discussion Panel

Moderator: Błażej Hrapkowicz Participants: Maciej Kubicki, Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, Maciej Chmiel, Oriana Kujawska

13:30–14:30 How to Make a TV Show? | Screenings

14:45–15:15 Serial Viewers | Screening

Serial Viewers: How We Watch TV Shows Today – premiere of a documentary about Polish TV show audiences

15:15–16:30 What the Screen Sees | Discussion panel

Moderator: Mateusz Halawa Participants : Jakub Majmurek (“Political Critique”), Joanna Nowakowska (MEC Global), Kaja Szafrańska (jakbyniepaczec)

16:45–17:30 Nordic Noir | Case study

Moderator: Agnieszka Kruk Participants: Maciej Kubicki, Anna Nagler (tbc), Christian Wikander

17:30–21:30 Nordic Noir | Screenings 

Screening of the documentary Nordic Noir: the Documentary – the Rise of Scandi-Drama, the pilot of the series The Pact, and the first two episodes of The Bridge.

21:30–22:30 Recent Discoveries

In this section, festival guests will recommend worthwhile and underrated TV productions. An intense and surprising hour-long review of the most interesting TV phenomena in recent years.

22:30–02:00 DJ Dook | Silent Disco

A silent disco party featuring a Warsaw DJ known for taking inspiration from the golden age of disco and the early years of the house scene.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

10:00–22:00 Writers’ Room | Workshop for screenwriters

This workshop will simulate the experience of a professional writers' room, where screenwriters hash out scripts for new episodes of a TV show. Registration for the event is closed.

10:00–14:15 Once Upon a Time/Not Too Long Ago. Polish TV Series

How have Polish TV shows changed since their early years in the 1960s? We'll look back on Poland's first TV productions and compare them to the best shows in recent years. A Q&A session with The Crew and Deep Water directorMagdalena Łazarkiewicz will be held by film critics Ola Salwa and Justyna Jaworska.

14:30–15:30 Trepalium | Screening

Screening of the first episode of Trepalium (Arte) and an introduction to the meeting of the StoryCode network. Guest of honor: Vincent Lannoo, director of Trepalium.

15:30–16:50 StoryCode Warsaw #4 | TV Series

StoryCode is a global community for enthusiasts and creators of interactive multimedia. At this edition Vincent Lannoo, director of the series Trepalium, will showcase the interactive project A l'ombre du Mur, journal d'un inutile which accompanies the show, while Mimo.ooo will present Poland's first 360° TV series.

17:00–22:00 Life is a TV Show | Screenings

A subjective selection of the most interesting anthropological titles in the new wave of TV.

22:00–23:00 The Stubs | Concert

Sunday, May 22, 2016

10:00–11:00 Neighborhood Breakfast | NInA Picnic

Pack your favorite snacks and join us in preparing an al fresco neighborhood breakfast at the Institute’s open, green courtyard. After the meal, stick around for some special activities prepared for Sunday’s NInA Picnic.

11:00–15:45 “Kukbuk” workshop | NInA Picnic

A food styling workshop held in cooperation with “Kukbuk” magazine.

11:00–13:00 Family Cinema | NInA Picnic

Join us at the NInA Theater for a sneak preview of the pilot episode of Tymek and the Master on the big screen, along with episodes of other animated series:Kacper and Emma, Florka’s Diary, Flapper and Friends, and Hip-Hip and Hurra.

13:00–15:45 Family Workshops | NInA Picnic

The NInA courtyard will host a modeling demonstration and 3D workshop along with a casting call for an adventure film and a TV series poster design workshop. Also setting up shop will be the Fiki Miki Mobile Studio, the Comics Studio, and the Poster Factory.

12:00–14:30 The Prettiest Umbrella at the Parade | NInA Picnic

14:15–15:30 Treme | Screening

See the Emmy-nominated pilot episode of the HBO series Treme, directed by Agnieszka Holland. The story takes place in New Orleans, a city famed for its rich musical heritage and its tradition of second line parades, which inspired our own neighborhood parade.

15:45–17:00 I LOVE SŁUŻEW | Neighborhood parade

17:00–23:30 Fresh from Cannes | New Series Marathon

Check out the latest European TV shows we brought home from this year’s edition of MIPTV in Cannes, and meet the winners of the 2016 MIPDrama award: the makers of the Belgian thriller Public Enemy.