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proj. Matylda Sałajewska

NInA Beta Version Festival | Digital stories

Take part in a new, annual celebration of audiovisual culture! Its first edition will be dedicated to digital storytelling, emerging narrative strategies and archives seen from a different, very personal point of view. Apart from live music shows, film screenings, debates and media workshops for creatives, there will be an exhibition of interactive installations and webdocs, as well as a local art project and an audiovisual picnic.

Today, instead of talking about successive version of culture, we will assume that it is simply in the beta stage, a state of permanent flux, continuously unready to be absorbed in a single form. We want to stay abreast of technological advances, but we are mostly interested in the way they shape artistic and social life – opening up new avenues of communication and expanding our experiences.

This year – which is a special one for our Institute because of the opening of our new headquarters – we begin a new chapter in our thinking about the festival, a continuation of the Culture 2.0 cycle which we have organized for many years as PWA and NInA. The NInA Beta Version Festival is a new artistic and social event that will tackle a new topic every year, inaugurating a new season of NInA’s programme in our headquarters at 3/5 Wałbrzyska St.

We begin our adventure with the festival with a topic that is close to everyone’s hearts. Together with artists, intellectuals, and our audience, we want to examine the meaning of narrative in digital culture, the way we construct stories about the world, and the role of modern technologies in this process. We will take a look at archives from a different, very personal point of view. We will talk about databases and about processing the vast amounts of information we store on servers. We will ponder the ways documentary film and journalism might change in the wake of the emergence of new, trans-media formats. We also wish to invite you to concerts, an audio-visual picnic, and exhibitions that will allow you to use multimedia tools to be transported to the other side of the world or – if you prefer closer quarters – to delve into the archives belonging to our Służew neighbours. We believe that every one of us has important stories to tell, and this festival is a perfect opportunity for us to listen to them.

I hope to see you in NInA!

Michał Merczyński

Director of the National Audiovisual Institute