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Europeana Awareness

The Europeana platform provides access to the catalogs of libraries, archives and museums all over Europe, with over forty million digitized books, works of art and films.

As part of the Europeana Awareness program (2012–2014), NInA was responsible for conducting a variety of activities with the goal of engaging Europeana users and encouraging cultural institutions as well as internet users to share their own archives.


Hack4Europe Hackaton | May 2012


A 48-hour programming marathon during which participants created six applications that plugged into the Europeana digital catalog.


Hack4Europe in Warsaw was one of several hackathons held in Europe (other host cities included Leuven and Riga). Applications written in each of these cities competed in four categories:


- most innovative application
- greatest social impact
- greatest commercial potential
- developers’ pick.




Hackathon Hack4Europe.


Europeana 1989 | June 2013


Images of a Solidarity protest, meat ration cards, amateur film footage of the fall of the Berlin Wall… All of these personal archival materials, records of the 1989 transformation, could be submitted for free digitization during an open collection drive in several Polish cities as part of the Europeana 1989 project.


In June 2013 NInA invited the inhabitants of Warsaw, Poznań and Gdańsk to share their private archives with all of Europe. The digital objects were published on the site www.europeana1989.eu, along with precise descriptions and the stories associated with each exhibit.


Similar collection drives for Europeana 1989 were conducted in selected ex-Eastern Bloc countries: the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and Germany.


A short report on the opening of the collection drive was put together by Miasto w Komie.




Krótki reportaż z inauguracji zbiórek zrealizowany przez Miasta w Komie.


Europeana Video Remix | April-May 2014


NInA announced an international competition for the best remix of content available at Europeana. The contest was open to students aged 13–19, for individuals or for teams representing their school. Four topics were provided: the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the 25th anniversary of systemic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, the history of fashion and style, and the history of media and technology.


Participants were asked to find matching content on the Europeana websites and then edit it into a short film of up to three minutes. Submissions could also include animated sequences, graphics, music, original film content and personal photographs.


The international panel of judges included representatives of the Europeana Foundation, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, and NInA. The judges awarded the following contestants:


- Aleksander Chojowski for Europeana Remix 2014
- Barosz Aziewicz, Kuba Kalcowski and Magdalena Ludwicka for Back to fun!
- Marcin Nowak for Historyczny euro-mix
- Edyta Gartkowiak, Bartosz Aziewicz and Magdalena Ludwicka for Communication


An additional special prize was awarded to the Art High School of Olsztyn, whose students were the most active participants of the competition.


Academy of Movement | Pilot Storytelling Platform | March 2015


In celebration of March 27, World Theater Day, on March 19, 2015, we launched a storytelling platform devoted to the experimental Polish theater group known as the Academy of Movement. The p


Europeana Consortium


The National Audiovisual Institute was one of the 48 partners of the pan-European consortium coordinated by the Europeana Foundation as part of the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP), which is part of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme for 2007–2013. The programme is operated by the European Commission.

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