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Content in Motion | Curating Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage

During the 2015 international EUscreen conference in Warsaw, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of memory institutions in making available online their AV collections.
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In the past decennium, massive amounts of audiovisual content have been made accessible online, on the homepages of archives and museums, on video sharing sites and on the portals of dedicated European projects such as Europeana or EUscreen. The opportunities and challenges are obvious to stakeholders in the audiovisual heritage sector. Notably, these collections  of audiovisual materials need curation before they can grow to be meaningful as living documents of the European political, social and cultural history. As David Baerman once put it so convincingly:

The archival profession is to assure the use of cultural evidence in the continuing construction of culture.

Ideally, curation creates a context for heritage that makes it relevant for our present, makes it speak to us and helps us understand our history and our future.

This is how we, the EUscreen network, part of the Europeana family, understand our mission when making heritage accessible and re-usable online. The programme of this conference reflects our work in the past few years, and particularly zooms in on the challenges we have experienced.

We have invited speakers with diverse backgrounds and affiliations  in the heritage sector to demonstrate best practices, discuss new possibilities and strategies in online curation, and share with all the participants various experiences during this two-day event. Three workshops and suf

We’d like to thank our dedicated local organizers and each of you for attending the conference and bringing your expertise to this meeting in the recently opened wonderful premises of the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA). We wish you inspiring days in the dynamic city of Warsaw.

Eggo Müller (Project Coordinator)

Johan Oomen (Technical Director)