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Bach Partitas | Małgorzata Sarbak

Małgorzata Sarbak recorded Bach Partitas in a small church in Urle, a summer resort village outside Warsaw. The venue’s extraordinary acoustics give the recording its nuanced and detailed clarity.

The Partitas, a serious challenge for any harpsichordist, are a musical treatise summarizing Bach’s accomplishments as a composer of suites. These extraordinarily demanding, varied, and — most importantly — novel pieces were published by the composer himself, who labeled them as Opus 1, his first published work. Their publication in 1731 as part one of the series Clavier-Übung I caused a sensation in the music world.

As Małgorzata Sarbak explains:


Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partitas are an elaborate collection of affects wrapped in dances, lamentations, and displays: airy minuets, passionate sarabandes, lively gigues, and contrary courantes, all neatly arranged with no random elements or miscalculations. Bach, after all, was also a scientist. All of this was revolutionary and marked a new quality in music, because Bach was also an inventor.


The record was published by Warsaw’s Lado ABC label with support from the NInA.


Partita 1 B-dur, BWV 825, Małgorzata Sarbak


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