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Regarding the consolidation with the National Film Archive
We encourage you to read the opinion of NInA regarding the intended consolidation of two national cultural institutions: the National Film Archive and the Natio
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Games for Impact | Nov 30th–Dec 1st, Warsaw, Poland

Announcing Games for Impact – an event inspired and supported by Games for Change, which will bring the conversation about social impact games to our part of Europe. We want to build a stronger awareness of what games can achieve: involve players in real-world problems, dynamically represent current issues, and finally – change social attitudes. The number of such games in the Polish gaming industry has been steadily growing, especially after the success of "This War of Mine", but it is still a relatively small niche which we seek to encourage further.

Program and Scientific Council of FINA appointed!

The inaugural session of the newly appointed Program and Scientific Council of the National Film Archive and Audiovisual Institute took place on June 19, 2018.

RE:VIVE | Szum by Hatti Vatti

„Szum” is a retrofuturistic story that relates closely with current times. Working on this album Piotr Kaliński (here under Hatti Vatti moniker) has been influenced by works of artists representing the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio as well as by animated film scores from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Music in Movement | Andriessen, Boulez, Pärt, Serocki

The online project highlights the richness of European contemporary music by tracing the stories of four eminent composers: Louis Andriessen, Pierre Boulez, Arvo Pärt and Kazimierz Serocki. Through accessible themes, quizzes and, most importantly, a wealth of music, MiM reaches out to a broad audience in a new and engaging way. At the same time users with a background in music will be able to discover interesting storylines as well as delightful footage.

The NInA Finale | A Decade in Audiovisual Culture

Just days before the merger of NInA and the National Film Archive, join us in looking back at the nearly 12-year-long history of the Institute. The programme includes a multimedia essay and a concert featuring more than 20 household names in Polish culture. The event will be streamed online.