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Regarding the consolidation with the National Film Archive
We encourage you to read the opinion of NInA regarding the intended consolidation of two national cultural institutions: the National Film Archive and the Natio
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The NInA Finale | A Decade in Audiovisual Culture

Just days before the merger of NInA and the National Film Archive, join us in looking back at the nearly 12-year-long history of the Institute. The programme includes a multimedia essay and a concert featuring more than 20 household names in Polish culture. The event will be streamed online.

Rethink the Future of AV – FIAT/IFTA Conference

In October 2016 NInA hosted and co-organized the 40th FIAT/IFTA conference. Over 200 experts in digitization, archiving and new technologies from all over the world attended the event.

Tu Europeana

More than fifty million digitized books, works of art and films freely accessible at a single website. How can we reuse them? How can we grow them? We're reaching out to a specifically targeted audience of the platform, inviting potential users to take part in a series of informative and educational events.

„The Orchestrator”, a new innovative mobile application

„The Orchestrator” (Orkiestrownik) is a modern guide through the world of classical music in the form of a mobile app. It provides its users with a step-by-step introduction to the world of the orchestra, explores the individual instruments, roles of the musicians and conductor, it also features a sample rehearsal and a performance. All of this in a world-class mobile multimedia application, the first of its kind.

NInA Beta Version Festival | New Wave of TV Series | May 19–22

HBO shows, dark Swedish crime dramas, and new titles fresh from Cannes, plus the premiere of a new series by the duo Strzępka/Demirski, discussion panels, workshops, concerts, and even a parade. For the first time ever in Poland, an event devoted entirely to showcasing the phenomenon of new, quality TV shows in all its facets. May 19–22 at the National Audiovisual Institute.