About NInA  

The National Audiovisual Institute is a public cultural institution established in 2009 to record, digitise, archive, and facilitate the dissemination of the most valuable manifestations of Polish culture, including film, music, theater, and art.
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NInA records and documents artistically valuable cultural events, including theater and opera productions, concerts and debates. It also initiates and supports film and theater productions that draw upon the Polish national heritage.

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EUscreenXL Network  

The National Audiovisual Institute is a member of the EUscreenXL consortium – a network involving European audiovisual and broadcasting archives, with the aim of developing the EUscreen web portal (euscreen.eu).
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Europeana Awareness  

In years 2012-2014 NInA is one of the 48 partners from 31 countries that participate in the Europeana Awareness project. Its aim is to promote the Europeana digital library, museum, and archive available at www.europeana.eu.
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Program Ministra
Biweekly.pl is a born-digital medium, created by young Polish authors, editors and best web designers, published by NInA.
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Shop Online  

Check out our selection of top films from the Polish School of Documentary, contemporary Polish theatre, music, and animation
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For Broadcasters  

Information on how to obtain rights to content distributed and produced by NInA and institutions and studios cooperating with the Institute.

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