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source: National Library of Sweden/euscreen.eu

Workshop 1: Open Content Workflows – from Idea to Archive | Content in Motion

In this workshop we will look at different stages and workflows of content production and how you can ensure that the final product is as open as possible.
THU   03 / 12 / 2015
14:30  –  16:30
National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute Wałbrzyska 3/5
02-739 Warsaw
Great Game room | 2nd floor

Most of the large digitization projects have been focused on getting certain content online. They have rarely resulted in structural implemented workflows that support sharing content from the start. That's no surprise, because opening up existing content can be quite hard. Apart from copyright there are all kinds of other limitations that you have to be aware of and prepare for to. This applies to new content as well – considering the fact that newly made content might end up in an archive, we should start implementing open content workflows as soon as possible. After a short presentation we will go hands-on with a few exercises.

Sebastiaan ter Burg

@ter_burg @circularcontent

A freelance photographer and video journalist who has been using Creative Commons licenses as a core component of his business model for almost 10 years. In other words: he creates content that is meant to be shared from the start. He has also worked for Wikimedia Nederland as project manager to help galleries, libraries, archives and museums to make their content available on Wikimedia Commons. Recently he founded Circular Content, an initiative that helps organizations and individual creatives in designing and implementing workflows that support content sharing from the initial idea to the publication of content.

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