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„Generation What?” screentshot

Storycode Warsaw #7 | Big Data Visualization

Olivier Hoffschir from Upian will present „Generation What?” – a project with almost a million young people registered and 85 million responses collected.
THU   26 / 01 / 2017
National Film Archive–Audiovisual Institute Wałbrzyska 3/5
02-739 Warsaw
Minimax room | Ground floor

Generation What? is a transmedia program aimed at youth worldwide that answers the need of the 18-34 generation to express themselves. They will inherit a chaotic, globalized and interconnected world, one they do not have a place within. It is the most educated generation in history, one that will be tasked with building the 21st century. Youth carry the strength and hope of all the nations in the world.

To achieve the generational portrait, young people in every country are first invited to complete an online questionnaire of 150 questions adapted by a team of sociologists. The content of this questionnaire fit the realities of each geographical area. This questionnaire covers all necessary fields for the establishment of this portrait, including young people's relationship to their family, society, work, the transition to adulthood, love, the future, national and cultural identity, vision of the world, and more.

Launched in France between 2013 and 2014, the program is currently being deployed in Europe across 13 countries and with 19 broadcasters, up until the end of 2016. This project is coordinated by France Télévisions, Yami 2 and Upian (the 2 producers of the program) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). After nine months of operations in Europe, almost a million young people have registered on one of 13 sites available and more than 85 million responses were collected. At this moment, it is the most successful interactive program ever undertaken in the world.

The project will be presented by his manager: Olivier Hoffschir from Upian.

Generation What website

About Storycode

StoryCode is a global community for enthusiasts of emerging new forms of storytelling, active in about twenty cities worldwide. StoryCode Warsaw is run by Katarzyna Boratyn, a curator and cultural producer, cultural manager and curator Anna Desponds and TV and film producer Marcin Marczyk.


Admission is free. Register here.

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