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Opening, Beta Version | Mirosław Filiciak

The name and program of the festival has been inspired by Mirosław Filiciak's book Media, beta version. That's why we invited him to deliver an inauguration speech, which will set the theoretical framework of the festival.
FRI   25 / 09 / 2015
11:30  –  11:50
National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute Wałbrzyska 3/5
02-739 Warsaw
The Promised Land room | 1st floor

Prof. Mirosław Filiciak writes in his introduction to the festival:


Culture, which nowadays is more of a digital file than an idea, increasingly often employs metaphors borrowed from the software development world. But “beta versions” are more than just their technological aspects, they are ethical challenges: seeing that we’re engaged in the continuous production and consumption of media, we can also exert a degree of influence over their shape. Although the optimistic digital media narrative presumes their bottom-up character, the events of recent years in Poland have clearly shown how important public institutions still are in this area.


Mirosław Filiciak

A professor at the University of Social Sciences and the Humanities where he heads the Institute for Cultural Studies. His work is focused on the relationship between digital media and social practices. Author of Media. Beta Version, editor of the "Kultura Popularna" quarterly, frequent contributor to "Pixel", a magazine dedicated to video games. Author of the recently published book Dwa zero. Alfabet kultury i inne teksty (Two-Point-Oh. The Alphabet of Culture and Other Essays), an anthology of essays including the ones he wrote with Alek Tarkowski for "Biweekly".

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