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Media of the Future | A Storytelling Evening

Experience new forms of journalism: grassroots reporting efforts, visual storytelling, interactive TV and documentary projects. Instead of watching them on your computer screen, watch them in the cinema, with running commentary provided by the filmmakers themselves.
SAT   26 / 09 / 2015
20:30  –  22:30
National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute Wałbrzyska 3/5
02-739 Warsaw
The Promised Land room | 1st floor

The trouble with talking about new media stems primarily from the fact that the digital reality is no longer new and is already omnipresent. We create ever more digital content: 10% of the entire photographic output of humanity has been created in the past 12 months. Once we were the audience, nowadays we are all the subject of its interest.

Traditional media outlets−radio, television, and the press−struggle with the competitive nature of the modern content landscape, given that customarily, high quality, credible material was their remit. Their audiences are growing older. In Germany and France, most people between the ages of 25 and 35 do not own a TV set, whereas traditional television is watched primarily be retirees. That’s why the European television channel Arte has already devoted a significant part of its budget to produce content that will appear exclusively on the Internet.

Given that context, traditional media outlets need to find new ways of reaching their viewers. They employ new tools and capabilities offered by the Web. Communication channels that were once separate are now melding into cross-media experiences drawing on a wide range of art forms. Thus, the question that will shape our discussions that evening: “What will the future of media look like?”

– Anna Desponds

Presenting their projects will be: Margaux Missika (Upian), Lindsay Poulton (The Guardian), Marco del Pra', Edith Carron, Filip Springer and Michał Szota. The event will be hosted by Britta Senn.


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