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„Kacper i Emma”, mat. promocyjne

Family Cinema | Tymek and the Master | Casper and Emma

Sunday will be devoted not only to a festive parade, workshops, and revels. Everyone craving a moment of respite and spectacular fun is invited to the NInA screening room, where we will present the following exceptional animated films, including an advance screening of the pilot episode of “Tymek and the Master”.
SUN   22 / 05 / 2016
11:00  –  13:00
National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute Wałbrzyska 3/5
02-739 Warsaw
The Promised Land room | 1st floor


“FLORKA’S DIARY” – episodes “Bacteria” and “Four-Leaf Clover”

A show about the adventures of the tiny shrew Florka, an adaptation of a popular series of children’s books. The show will teach us what micro-organisms are, whether all bacteria are bad for you, and test if fourleaf clovers truly bring you luck.

“FLAPPER AND FRIENDS” – episodes “Forest Theatre” and “Let’s Rescue Bear”

An animated series about the adventures of Flapper the bunny and his friends from Our Forest. The series will show us how difficult it is to stage a theatre performance in the woods, and why Benek the Bear got a stomach ache.

“HIP-HIP & HOORAY” – episodes “Why Has the Other Bank Disappeared?” and “Who Disturbed the Quiet Hours?”

An animated series about the adventures of an exceptional couple of detectives: Hip-Hip the hippopotamus and Hooray the weasel. The series will show us who was behind the mysterious disappearance of the other bank of the river, we will also help a sleepy koala bear find the rascal who is making noise at night.

“CASPER AND EMMA” – episodes “Casper and Emma Meet Again” and “Casper and Emma in Kindergarten” (Cinenord Spillefilm)

An incredibly popular Norwegian series about the adventures and friendship of little Casper and Emma. The show will tell us how the main characters met, we will also accompany them on their first few days in kindergarten.

“TYMEK AND THE MASTER”– pilot episode

An advance screening of the pilot episode of the adaptation of the bestselling graphic novel Tymek and the Master. The show takes place in the middle ages, but the plot is filled with references to modern times. The protagonists try to help those  in need, learn magic, and – naturally – fight evil.

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