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Arcade Fire, Just a Reflektor

Interactive Music Videos | Outdoor Exhibition Screenings

Drop by our green courtyard, assume the role of VJ and animate the most interesting music videos of the last couple of years on a huge screen affixed to the facade of the NInA building.
SAT   26 / 09 / 2015
20:30  –  22:00
National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute Wałbrzyska 3/5
02-739 Warsaw
Four Seasons courtyard

The attendees will be able to listen to the videos on silent disco headphones, distributed by the external projection booth at the NInA courtyard.

Pharrell Williams, Happy

The total running time of the video is 24 hours! Using an interactive clock, the viewer can pick a dancer and specific time of day from the recording. The video was an incredible media success for Williams−the link was shared virally by people all over the world.

France / USA, 2013
Author: We Are From L.A.
Producer: Iconoclast Interactive
URL: 24hoursofhappy.com
Courtesy of NBC Universal and Sony ATV

Arcade Fire, Just a Reflektor

In this video, using motion tracking capabilities of mobile devices and a webcam, the viewer can control what is happening on the screen. The video was created by Vincent Morriset and Aaron Koblin and was produced by Le Polish Bureau, the Łódź branch of the Unit9 agency.

Canada, 2013
Author: Vincent Morriset / AATOAA
Producer: Vincent Morriset
URL: justareflektor.com
Courtesy of Universal Music Polska Sp. z o.o.

Arcade Fire, We Used to Wait

In his piece called The Wilderness Downtown, renowned American designer of interactive forms Chris Milk will transplant you to the “wilderness” of the place you were born and raised in. All you have to do is put in your old home address to experience a personalized story about memory and the past.

USA, 2010
Author: Chris Milk, Arcade Fire
Producer: A Radical Media Production
Team: B-Reel, Mr.doob, Google Tech Team, CrowdFlower, Milk+Koblin and others
URL: thewildernessdowntown.com
Courtesy of Universal Music Polska Sp. z o.o.  

Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone

This piece of musical history did not have an official music video for 48 years. Developed only in November of 2013, the interactive video had the viewer “switching TV channels” using the mouse and keyboard, with each channel showing a different version of the song.

USA, 2013
Author: Vania Heymann
Producer: Interlude, Sony Legacy
Team: Natan Schottenfels, Lihu Roter, Tamara Harel-Cohen, Lia Mayer-Sommer, Stacy Vaughan and others
URL: video.bobdylan.com
Courtesy of Sony Music Poland.

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible

Created by Vincent Morrisset, Neon Bible can be considered one of the first fully interactive music videos in history. It’s based on simple interactions between the viewer and the video: using mouse clicks, the audience can control the movement of hands on the screen.

Canada, 2007
Author: Vincent Morriset
Producer: AATOAA
URL: beonlineb.com
Courtesy Universal Music Polska Sp. z o.o.

Arcade Fire, Sprawl II

Another one in a series of attempts to create interaction that would go beyond simple mouse clicks undertaken by Vincent Morrisset for Arcade Fire. This time, the viewers interact with the music by moving their bodies. The piece was developed in 2011.

Canada, 2011
Author: Vincent Morriset
Producer: AATOAA
URL: sprawl2.com
Courtesy of Universal Music Polska Sp. z o.o.

Tanlines, Not the Same

The interface of the video, resembling the UI for Photoshop, allows the viewer to influence the way the song sounds−by adding or removing individual instrument tracks−as well as the imagery itself, by adding layers and moving distinct elements around.

USA, 2012
Autor: OKFocus
Producent: OKFocus
URL: notthesa.me
Courtesy of the band.


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