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Jerzy Owsiak, fot. Łukasz Widziszowski

Jerzy Owsiak | A Decade in Audiovisual Culture

The recording is part of the multimedia essay created by 20 household names in Polish culture and presented live on February 24th, 2017 during the NInA Finale. It was an event during which we looked back at the last decade in audiovisual culture, as well as the nearly 12-year-long history of the Institute (just days before the merger with the National Film Archive).

Jerzy Owsiak is a radio and television journalist, founder and chairman of the board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, founder of Poland’s Woodstock Festival, one of the largest music festivals in Europe. A regular vlogger at kręcioła.tv, the Orchestra’s video service, and host of “Gonna Be Dark Soon” at Antyradio. Worked with TVP, Polish Radio Three, and Eska Rock.


Jurek Owsiak | Esej multimedialny | Finał NInA | EN

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