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International partners

We’ve joined forces with leading cultural institutions in the field of audiovisual culture.

We’re members of many international cooperation networks and our strategic partners are institutions that have made significant contributions to European audiovisual heritage, such as the Netherlands Sound and Vision Institute and the French INA. We are excited to collaborate with such outstanding authorities in the fields of digitization, archiving and distribution.


International networks




The International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) has been founded in 1977. Today it consists of more than 250 members from all over the world. Some of FIAT/IFTA’ s main objectives are to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience. It encourages and organises local and regional meetings, as well as international conferences and seminars. Every year the FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement Award is assigned to projects for the best use of audiovisual archive material.

We joined FIAT/IFTA in 2010. Membership in the federation allows us to use best practices and to share experiences in the digitization, archiving, distribution and reuse of audiovisual material. In 2012 in London we shared our methods for cooperating with public broadcasters, while in 2013 in Dubai we presented the concept behind the site Three Composers, which received a nomination for the Most Innovative Use of Archive Award a year later. 


 Logo BAAC


Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council (BAAC) is an independent nonprofit organization, founded as a voluntary association with a goal to foster cooperation between public and private archives, broadcasting and TV archives, libraries and museums that possess collections of audiovisual materials about the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and the worldwide Baltic diaspora. The Council commits itself to reviewing and assuring the maintenance of these historically valuable collections. NInA has been its member since mid-2011. 


 Logo PrestoCentre


PrestoCentre is a non-profit, membership-driven organisation that brings together a global community of stakeholders in the audiovisual industry to share, work and learn. PrestoCentre works with experts, researchers, advocates, vendors, public services, educational organisations and professional associations to enhance the audiovisual sector's ability to provide long-term digital access to cultural heritage. As intermediary, the Centre offers a valuable platform by connecting and facilitating interactions between these groups.  NInA has belonged to PrestoCentre since the day of its establishment on 15 March 2011.


Logo EUNIC Warszawa 


EUNIC Warszawa is a network of National Institutes for Culture from the member states of the European Union in Warszawa, which aims to contribute to cultural diversity inside and outside of the EU and to strengthen cultural dialogue and exchange. EUNIC Warszawa is part of a network of over 90 EUNIC clusters present on all continents. The clusters organise a large number of events including conferences (Thinking in Visual Communications, December 2014), festivals (Spoke’n’World Festival, Poems in Metro) and debates, sometimes with the support of the European delegations and local partners.


 Logo Europeana


The Europeana Foundation is the managing institution of the Europeana.eu digital platform. Its members are representatives of key European memory institutions. Created in 2008 thanks to the efforts of member states, Europeana is unique tool that offers access to over 40 million pieces of content in the collections of libraries, archives and museums across Europe. It aggregates images (paintings, illustrations, maps, photographs and photographs of museum exhibits), documents (books, newspapers, letters, journals and archival documents), as well as audio and audiovisual material (musical recordings, films, television programs and newsreels). The platform is being expanded continuously with new content from many sources, including television and radio broadcasters, libraries, museums, and European film libraries. Content that has been transformed by young and creative users is also gradually making its way onto the site.

Find out more about NInA projects conducted under the Europeana umbrella: EUScreenXL and Europeana Awareness.


International bilateral cooperation 


 Logo Ina

Ina | l’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel

The French National Audiovisual Institute was founded in 1974. As a world leader in the field of digital archives and the use of audiovisual content, INA has become a benchmark for other, similar organizations that are exploring technological innovations. Its know-how has now spread to countries on every continent. In addition to its digitization and archiving efforts, INA distributes its archives through a variety of channels, including the internet. At the same time, INA runs an educational program for 5,000 students with classes on media, audiovisual production, digitization and distribution, as part of Europe’s first professional training center for digital and audiovisual arts. The main offices of INA are located in Bry-sur-Marne, outside Paris, but the institute also has six regional branches in the country’s largest cities.


 Logo Beeld En Geluid

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision | Nederlands Instituut Voor Beeld En Geluid

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is one of the largest audio-visual archives in Europe. The Institute preserves a major part of the Dutch audio-visual heritage and makes it accessible to potential users. The collection totals over 700,000 hours of television, radio, music and film. But the Institute is more than just a collection. Apart from functioning as an audio-visual archive for the national broadcasting corporations and others, it also offers a unique media experience for its visitors. In November 2009, NInA and INA signed a framework agreement concerning knowledge and experience exchange. Since 2014,  Jan Müller CEO of Sound & Vision, president of FIAT/IFTA & PrestoCentre is a member of our programming board.